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Successful since its inception 17 years ago and well known for its high literary standards, the Montreal Review of Books is the only journal reviewing English-language books from Quebec. The mRb has grown to be a valuable resource for booksellers, teachers, librarians, cultural associations, students and other book buyers.


Print circulation: 40,000 per issue
120,000 copies per year, over three issues

Digital circulation
300+ subscribed to receive digital copy by email

Print distribution

  • 24,000 in the Friday Globe and Mail to home subscribers and newsstands across Quebec and in Ottawa;
  • 3,000 to bookstores, cafés, and libraries in and around Montreal;
  • 1,000 to bookstores, individual subscribers, libraries, and locations across Canada including nine independent bookstores in Ottawa;
  • 1,000 to private school and university libraries, the media, Quebec Studies Programs in many American universities, and book industry stakeholders.

Who should advertise?
Book publishers and booksellers, of course! … and others, too – the mRb attracts readers with broad and diverse interests, so ads for book fairs, workshops, festivals, language and arts services, writing retreats, visual and performance arts, educational opportunities, and other cultural initiatives draw notice from our readers.

Why Montreal?
Montreal is a sophisticated literary metropolis with a thriving book culture; UNESCO designated it the 2005–06 “World Book City.” Boasting international literary festivals, popular literary salons, and many successful book fairs, Montreal is cherished by booklovers, most of whom read in both official languages and follow provincial, national, and international literary stars and trends.

Who Does Your Ad Reach?
Book sellers and book buyers across Canada! The mRb is followed with great enthusiasm by Anglophones and Francophones alike. Advertise in the mRb three times a year and receive our special 3-issue discount – extend your marketing dollar with the mRb and reach lovers of English-language books in Quebec and beyond.

Please see our media kit for rates and deadlines.

Advertising managers:

Michael Wile (national)

Anna Leventhal (Quebec-based)