The Crime on Cote des Neiges

She had eyes you could get lost in and the kind of voice bankers leave their wives for, so when she asked me if I would take the case, how could I refuse? It didn’t hurt that there was some money in it for me, too. The case? To dig into the life of a man who’d been dead for forty-two years.


No Culture, No Future

Simon Brault is CEO of the National Theatre School and Vice-Chair of the Canada Council for the Arts. He has been a driving force behind a range of large-scale initiatives to increase participation in arts and culture. He describes himself as a “cultural development activist.” Elise Moser: Your book is a gentle but relentless polemic […]

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Power: Where Is It?

Someone reading People magazine might conclude that Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock run Hollywood. While they are certainly influential, so are the directors and producers behind the scenes as well as the financiers and studios that decide what films get made. To truly understand the movie industry, one should investigate the cultural context from which […]