Feature Elaine Kalman Naves, by Terence Byrnes

Portrait of a Scandal

Though the events of Portrait of a Scandal took place nearly 150 years ago, the multidimensional characters and the themes of desire and downfall make this tale of our city both timeless and familiar.

Feature Carolyne Van Der Meer


Juxtaposing essays, poems, journal entries, letters, interviews, and short stories, Van Der Meer demonstrates how our life story is seldom, if ever, set in stone. Instead, it’s a moving target, a kaleidoscope of the complicated ways in which we choose to remember.


Woman Rebel

A new cartoon biography of Sanger, written and drawn by underground comics luminary Peter Bagge, attempts to rescue Sanger from the online maelstrom that has her putting the so-called undesirable and unfit under the sterilization knife.