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    Monique Polak

    The year is off to a good start for Monique Polak. Not only will she see her eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth books for young readers published, but she’s also the first CBC/QWF Writer-in-Residence. For Polak, these are all opportunities to tell her stories.

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    Barking & Biting

    Barking & Biting: The Poetry of Sina Queyras, edited by Erin Wunker, is the twenty-fifth volume of Canadian poetry in Wilfrid Laurier Press’s Laurier Poetry Series. Thirty-five poems are selected from across a poet’s career and supplemented by an engaging critical introduction by the editor and an afterword by the poet.

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    The title of Robert Edison Sandiford’s short story collection, Fairfield: The Last Sad Stories of G. Brandon Sisnett, plays a number of tricks.

From the current issue: Spring 2016

Feature The Mile End Café

The Mile End Café

Haiti occupies an important place in the consciousness of the Americas. Formerly known as St. Domingue, it became independent in 1804 when its former slaves defeated Napoleon Bonaparte’s army, the French general’s first major military defeat.

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Cartoon by Meags Fitzgerald. Meags Fitzgerald is the author and illustrator of Photobooth: A Biography and Long Red Hair.
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The Manly Arts

Most lawns are shit. People mow too short, mow one way, use dull blades, over-water, never topdress, grow the wrong grass. They let their rugrats run roughshod on shaggy, dun turf gouged with dead spots they’re too lazy to seed. Shot to hell, yards flower and flutter their hawkweed in the breeze. I’ve set my […]

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"The Manly Arts" is taken from the book Leviathan, published by Gaspereau Press. Read our review