• DSC7941wren

    Rich and Poor

    “I can’t do realism. I mean, it’s a lie,” Jacob Wren says with a laugh in his voice. Sitting across from me in a café in Mile-Ex, the prolific novelist and artist continues, “a book isn’t reality. Reality isn’t even reality.”

  • Peter McCambridge photo

    Life in the Court of Matane

    Translator Peter McCambridge is no ingénue to the art, having translated seven novels, all from Quebec. He directs the website Québec Reads and Baraka Book’s new imprint of Quebec literature in translation, QC Fiction.

  • Alice_Zorn

    Five Roses

    Montreal writer Alice Zorn immortalizes this icon in her beautifully crafted second novel, Five Roses. Like the gigantic blue eyes of T. J. Eckleburg looking down on the Valley of Ashes, Zorn’s sign is a landmark that does service as a literary device.

  • Madeleine Thien © Christy Ann Conlin

    Do Not Say We Have Nothing

    There is a moment in childhood that first marks our awareness of the wider world, the moment we recognize what takes place beyond our own sphere. Our young selves are drawn to the narrative, to the images played and replayed on the news, to the hushed thrall of the grown-ups.

From the current issue: Summer 2016

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Centre: Eochaill

Rise with the centre of the island, its thorny-backed middle. Climb, upwards from the main road, follow the steep incline of a goat path. Here, the land pillaged and pocked by hoof- prints, shudder and thunder of goat heels driven to ground. Follow the sound through the drone and wheel of crickets: summer is gone, […]


"Centre: Eochaill" is taken from the book Small Fires, published by McGill-Queen’s University Press. Read our review