Spring 2013

The Rapids

The Rapids

There is a restlessness in Susan Gillis’s poems, a reluctance to lay down roots.

By Abby Paige

Lazy Bastardism

Lazy Bastardism

Carmine Starnino may be a tough critic, but he’s definitely no “lazy bastard.” I didn’t inquire directly during our recent email interview, but I suspect he’s no nervous Nellie either.

By Kimberly Bourgeois

Rookie Yearbook One

Rookie Yearbook One

Gevinson was just fifteen when she started Rookie magazine but she was already three years into her career as an internationally famous blogger. At age twelve, Gevinson started the fashion blog Style Rookie.

By Sarah Lolley

He Who Laughs, Lasts

He Who Laughs, Lasts

If you’re trying to reach Josh Freed, don’t call him on a Friday afternoon. When most of us are wrapping up our workweek, he is fiddling with his humour column, trying to smooth out the kinks so that it is ready to go to press.

By Eric Boodman

Inside the NDP War Room

Inside the NDP War Room

“Of what value is the opinion on any subject, of a man of whom everyone knows that by his profession he must hold that opinion?” –John Stuart Mill

By Jean Coléno

Today’s Music

usan Glickman’s book, The Smooth Yarrow, shows a chilling awareness of mortality through the ...

By Bert Almon

The Lava in My Bones

 think a lot of Can Lit is about restraint,” Barry Webster tells me. “It’s this really subtle aesthetic where ...

By Sarah Fletcher

The Barista and I

 n his slim debut collection, The Barista and I, Andrew Szymanski concerns himself with the ...

By Sara Freeman

To the Spring, By Night

 he Kurds are a nation without a country, and of course they’re not the only ones in that situation. The territory ...

By David Homel

And the Birds Rained Down

riters of fiction are said to stand on the shoulders of giants. In her fourth novel, Abitibi writer ...

By Claire Holden Rothman

First Spring Grass Fire

ae Spoon’s debut short story collection First Spring Grass Fire weaves together a number of ...

By Peter Dubé