Summer 2012

The City’s Gates

The City’s Gates

The end result is a philosophical, metafictional work whose form is as quirky as its characters.

By Kimberly Bourgeois

Cures for Hunger

Cures for Hunger

Growing up in rural British Columbia, Deni idolizes his Dad, his stories, his old “Indian” tricks, and his perilous adventures.

By Ami Sands Brodoff



It’s clear that Goliath never got a fair shake in the telling, whether in the Old Testament or in the many subsequent versions. But now, after a mere couple of millennia, he has, thanks to Scottish cartoonist Tom Gauld. Better late than never.

By Ian McGillis

Basement of Wolves

Basement of Wolves

When you sit down to talk books with Daniel Allen Cox, you’re never quite sure what’s going to happen, all you can be sure of is that it’s going to be interesting.

By Rob Sherren

The Goodtime Girl

t is 1922, and your native city has been on fire for nine days. You have lost everything, and are living as a ...

By Eric Boodman

Halbman Steals Home

tories of midlife crises invite deep reflection on the past, wishful thinking of the present, and trepidations ...

By Rosel Kim



After interviewing Taras Grescoe for our blog, Leila Marshy writes an ode to public transport.

By Leila Marshy

The Darling of Kandahar

he premise of Felicia Mihali’s new novel The Darling of Kandahar is taken from a real-life event. After a ...

By Lesley Trites

The Love Monster

he Love Monster concerns the life and times of one unfortunately named Margaret H. Atwood. ...

By Anna Leventhal

Against God

atrick Senécal’s novella, Against God, translated by Governor General’s Award winner Susan Ouriou ...

By Melissa Bull


f there’s a more endangered species than debut authors, I don’t know what it is. Handicapped by having unknown ...

By Jim Napier