Summer 2013

Bone and Bread

Bone and Bread

In her enveloping, heartfelt debut novel, Bone and Bread, Saleema Nawaz penetrates deeply into the sibling bond.

By Ami Sands Brodoff

The Exile Book of Yiddish Women Writers

The Exile Book of Yiddish Women Writers

For generations of Eastern European Jews, Yiddish was the language of daily life – it expressed tragedy, boredom, affection, and tenderness, alongside all that great trash talk.

By Anna Leventhal



Since 2006, poets Susan Gillis, Mary di Michele, Jan Conn, and Jane Munro have been studying and composing renku, a Japanese form of collaborative linked verse.

By Abby Paige

Love Letters of the Angels of Death

Love Letters of the Angels of Death

This is no New Age fluffball. The book opens with decomposing human remains, and includes a corpse lowered into a grave filled with water and another buried in concrete.

By Elise Moser

Saving the CBC

Saving the CBC

Reading this cri de cœur for Canada’s public broadcaster aroused a paradoxical reaction: first alarm, then a fierce desire to see the whole bureaucratic mess shaken up or shaken down.

By Marianne Ackerman

Miss Montreal

eaders who enjoy hardboiled detective novels with expert pacing and rich physical details will delight in Miss ...

By Sarah Lolley

Kafka’s Hat

 t’s hard to place what Patrice Martin’s agenda is with Kafka’s Hat. The back cover describes ...

By Sarah Fletcher

Pluto’s Gate

s far as retellings of ancient myths go, L.E. Sterling’s urban fantasy novel Pluto’s Gate is an ...

By Lesley Trites

The Douglas Notebooks

e exhaust ourselves traveling the earth, hunting for some treasure that will console.” So begins The Douglas ...

By B. A. Markus

Off the Books

ne chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz,” American rock guitarist, ...

By Kimberly Bourgeois