Poem of the Month
From “Pink, Curved Thing”

By Ashley Obscura

Published on February 4, 2019

We are not as elegant as marble
But we are trying
Living our fantasies together
In public parks
The erection of wildflowers
Laps space between us
Orange flowers and cherry lip balm
She drinks whipped cream
Through a pink straw
I touch her affectionately in public
And it is dangerous
Men approach us frequently
Wanting something
We do not want to give
In place of affection she observes the sky
Where form ends and where it begins
Takes a photo of me
Applies a filter
Posts it
I duplicate, expand
She talks softly, like the hue of something
Gently becoming something else
I watch her and I am moved
By that of her which flashes before my engine

More Poetry

When the screen goes dark

When the screen goes dark
and the olives and carobs
in their intricate design
vanish into the sudden night


This is the bed, empty again, next to the man dying. This is the strap that ties down the man that lies next to the empty bed.

Group Therapy

Each of us, in turn, has to answer, in one word,
the question: What are you feeling?

In December no less, when it gets dark at four
and this classroom’s been double-booked.

Another band of politicized marginals
prowls restless in the corridor