Derek Webster

Derek Webster is the author of Mockingbird, finalist for the Gerald Lampert Award, and the founding editor of Maisonneuve magazine.

Reviews by Derek Webster:

November 3, 2017
Drakkar Noir, Dodds's second collection, is quite a return: Dodds re-inhabits his own gory, gothic world with the relish of a contemporary Lord Byron. The title references an arch brand of ’80s cologne, and many poems have a sardonic, sledgehammer musk made up of off-kilter epigrams, heavy rhyming puns, and scenarios that display a fury at the selfishness and idiocy of humans.
July 8, 2016
Translator Peter McCambridge is no ingénue to the art, having translated seven novels, all from Quebec. He directs the website Québec Reads and Baraka Book’s new imprint of Quebec literature in translation, QC Fiction.