Poem of the Month
Salter Street Strike

By Jon Paul Fiorentino

Published on February 3, 2014

One with the strength of many
alone in the distant North End.
People before profit.

It’s a seemingly endless descent.
Marlyn’s streets do not resemble
one with the strength of many

morbid singularities
entirely unaware of
people before profit

motive or profit projection
or the very ones who long for
one with the strength of many

ways of both ways – Nichol’s heart
can be ours. H as a door to many
people before profit.

Listen, it’s a healthy nostalgia if it owns you
or at least not the worst thing ever if you are
one with the strength of many
people before profit.

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platonic / platinum. I could lick the hair of his arms to smell the sunlight but let the lilac air wheel-speak our sympathies.


My ex keeps asking do I want the cat back,
but my place is a wall short
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