Poem of the Month
Versailles bus stop

By David McGimpsey

Published on August 3, 2012

I loved my colleagues and their playful putdowns.
I loved the way they paid attention to clothes —
as if they never considered how their tunics
and smart pantsuits looked like upholstery.

Bienvenue au centre d’élégance.
I sat back and reflected upon the years
as I waited for l’autobus Roi René.
Enough spouting cupids and peeing putti!

‘Adorned in splendid marble, and scattered
with decorative water fountains and soothing
luminescent, Versailles is pure pleasing elegance.
All give in to its distinctive appeal!’

I loved my colleagues’ itemized grant requests
and their proud air of accepted defeat.
‘I will need time to explore the culture.’
You can’t buy Wrangler jeans at Versailles.

More Poetry

Ward Calls

First, post-diagnosis apology.
Next, a trained volunteer’s called in
to make the lonely wait less so.
Then, the oncologist comes armed
with a social worker, to talk it out, softly.

The Jungle of Screaming Souls

On the Jungle of Screaming Souls,
helicopters dropped napalm bombs.
The battalion of men beneath
ran in every direction, on fire. 
Scattershot blasts, and one by one
machine guns cut them down
until there were only ten.

Everything is a circle

everything is a circle completing the pages

of history to repaint it

retranscribe the traditional legends