Poem of the Month
We Were Startled by the Sound of Fog

By Greg Santos

Published on November 5, 2014

an erasure from Out of the Fog by C. K. Ober

The wind sprang and finally sounded so near,
it seemed we could almost see our hearts.

We heard the whistle of thought,
but she quickly passed us,
too far away to see or hear.

The sounds grew fainter
and soon we were alone again.

It was bitter, this companionship,
for we were perishing,
yet in too great of a hurry to stop.




“We Were Startled by the Sound of Fog” is an erasure poem written using Out of the Fog by C. K. Ober as a source text. I used the Erasures website at Wave Books (erasures.wavepoetry.com) to create the found poem. You can make one, too!

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