Poem of the Month
Everything is a circle

By Natasha Kanapé Fontaine

Published on December 3, 2015

everything is a circle completing the pages

of history to repaint it

retranscribe the traditional legends


in the twilight tundra you breathe the bread of

your hunts incurred distant

your fire is a star among so many others

the mass is milky

a canvas frays then on the ceilings of your orbits

your searches cover tracks


stop breaking my erosions with your boats

let me finish!

my path still has steps to be taken

my stranger on my land!


do what you like as long as my brothers live

I’ll read their shoulder blades draw them parallel

detect the voice of our fathers the roads blocked!

my alarmed ones without compass

my poorly armed.

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When the screen goes dark

When the screen goes dark
and the olives and carobs
in their intricate design
vanish into the sudden night


This is the bed, empty again, next to the man dying. This is the strap that ties down the man that lies next to the empty bed.

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