Patricia Boushel

Patricia Boushel is a cultural producer, activist translator, and prison meditator from Montreal. She also ponders questions of rights, justice and democracy through her work as a researcher and community organizer.

Reviews by Patricia Boushel:

March 18, 2016
The fascinating story of how contemporary activists learn from each other and disseminate their knowledge is still being unravelled by acad- emia, as well as by social movements themselves. In Learning Activism: The Intellectual Life of Contemporary Social Movements, Aziz Choudry,an activist-turned-academic and professor in McGill’s Department of Integrated Studies in Education, pays homage to the intellectual work that is inherently produced and circulated when people get together to challenge oppressive systems.
November 6, 2015
Two new books – In Defiance and Generation Rising – are useful in situating the 2012 strike within an ongoing struggle against society’s marketization at the expense of its citizens, and set against the backdrop of Quebec’s unique sociopolitical history.