A Short History Of Quebec (third Edition)
John A. Dickinson and Brian Young

McGill-Queen's University Press

The second edition of this comprehensive text was issued in the aftermath of the 1992 referendum which rejected the Charlottetown Accord. In the last decade Quebec has seen a communications revolution, the steady rise of AIDS, the aging of its population, and the establishment of the “Quebec model,” so a third edition, fully revised and updated, was clearly in order.

Right from the beginning of A Short History of Quebec, old understandings of history are challenged, including the eurocentric view of the aboriginals and their dealings with the settlers of New France. Throughout the book the authors debate the conclusions of other historians while stating their own positions; this is done in such clear discourse that A Short History of Quebec is an engaging and pleasurable read. There are plenty of illustrations, and suggestions for further reading after each chapter. mRb