A Wizard in Love

A Wizard in Love

By Andrea Belcham

A review of A Wizard In Love by Mireille Levert

Published on October 1, 2009

A Wizard In Love
Mireille Levert

Tundra Books

A Wizard in Love by Mireille Levert is the English translation of a French book that was a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Awards in Children’s Illustration. Such recognition is well deserved, for Lafrance’s renditions of a grumpy wizard encountering his light-hearted neighbour positively hum. Levert recounts the story of Hector, a retired wizard resigned to spending his days boarded up in his house with his lazy cat and an endless supply of cookies…until the day when a beautiful woman moves in across the street and disrupts his solitude with her music. Hector plots an evil way to silence her, but her song proves irresistible. Children will love the magic-heavy plot, and the quiet details awaiting discovery in Lafrance’s illustrations. (Ages 4+) mRb

Andrea Belcham lives in Saint-Lazare, where many of her best neighbours are trees.



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