After Notman: Montreal Views – A Century Apart
Andrzej Maciejewski


Montreal is extremely fortunate in having had a photographer as great as William Notman to provide a visual document of itself during a crucial period in its history, from 1863 to 1918. This bilingual book sets out to provide a present-day mirror to Notman’s portrait, with photos taken from 1991-2001 presented on facing pages. Maciejewski rises magnificently to the Herculean challenge of exactly reproducing the perspective, light conditions, and seasonal settings of Notman’s century-old originals. Comparing and contrasting, one can’t help but lament the many architectural treasures lost, but it’s also evident that Montreal has been better than many major cities at preserving its heritage. Anyone interested in history, photography, and the city of Montreal won’t want to miss this book. mRb