Awakening the Dragon: The Dragon Boat Festival

By Carol-Ann Hoyte

A review of Awakening The Dragon: The Dragon Boat Festival by Arlene Chan

Published on April 1, 2004

Awakening The Dragon: The Dragon Boat Festival
Arlene Chan

Tundra Books

Arlene Chan, librarian, author, and experienced dragon boat racer, explores China’s ancient Dragon Boat Festival in Awakening the Dragon. Chan first covers the festival’s origins and customs, and then proceeds to discuss its races. The author’s clear and direct text is presented in nine concise chapters. Song Nan Zhang’s vibrant and detailed illustrations make the spirit of the festival come alive. This is a great introduction to dragon boat racing, a fast-growing sport practised around the world. mRb

Carol-Ann Hoyte is the Quebec English-language regional coordinator for TD Canadian Children's Book Week and organizer of monthly mixers for Montreal anglophone children's book authors and illustrators.



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