Belinda's Obsession

Belinda’s Obsession

A review of Belinda's Obsession by Patricia G. Penny

Published on October 1, 2007

Belinda’s Obsession
Patricia G. Penny

Lobster Press

Part of the “Not Just Proms & Parties” series intended for reluctant young adult readers, Belinda’s Obsession by Patricia C. Penny focuses on 16-year-old Belinda, a lesbian who has just bumped into her summer flame, Candice. Just as the two start dating again and things are clicking, Belinda realizes that her mother is having an affair. Shocked, Belinda sets out to catch her mom and figure out what is going on, not knowing whether to tell her unsuspecting father.

Belinda begins to recognize the strength of her feelings for Candice and the eventual necessity of telling her family she is a lesbian. But how can she do this when her mom seems to be wrecking their family? Penny writes a solid, dialogue-driven story that will keep readers interested in the many affairs of the heart coursing through this novel. mRb

Annie Murray is a Montreal librarian.



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