Break on Through

Break on Through

A review of Break On Through by Jill Murray

Published on April 1, 2008

Break On Through
Jill Murray

Doubleday Canada

Jill Murray’s Break on Through is a YA novel with substance and style, much like its heroine Nadine, who is known in breakdancing circles as Lady Six Sky. Nadine lives in the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto, where she keeps it real with her boyfriend and their breakdancing crew. Her parents are expecting a baby and decide to head to the suburbs for the “good” life. But Nadine liked her old life and detests the suburbs and all the Ashleys and Tiffanys who live there. Cut off from her crew and feeling misunderstood at her new school, she dances on her own until she finds some classmates who seem interested in becoming b-girls. Murray creates a credible and likeable heroine in Nadine. The author has a fresh, contemporary voice. This novel introduces readers to the world of breakdancing, but even without prior knowledge of its culture and vocabulary, any teen reader can easily follow along. mRb

Annie Murray is a Montreal librarian.



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