Camp Fossil Eyes

Camp Fossil Eyes

By Andrea Belcham

A review of Camp Fossil Eyes by Mark Abley

Published on February 1, 2010

Camp Fossil Eyes
Mark Abley
Illustrated by Kathryn Adams

Annick Press

Another book about an unusual summer vacation is Mark Abley’s Camp Fossil Eyes. Jill and her younger brother Alex are attending camp somewhere in the “badlands” while their parents move house. Jill is dismayed while Alex is delighted to find that this camp is all about uncovering the history of English: campers explore various terrains like Old English Hill, Nordic Spur, the Greek Mountains, and the Indo-European Wastelands, searching for “the fossils of words.” The story is structured as a series of emails sent by the teens to their parents in which they recount their discoveries. Etymologist-cum-camp director Dr. Murray interposes his own mini-lectures on the evolution of English. This fun book, with hip illustrations by Kathryn Adams, will encourage children to see language as a window into past and present cultures. mRb

Andrea Belcham lives in Saint-Lazare, where many of her best neighbours are trees.



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