Claire and the Unicorn

Claire and the Unicorn Happy Ever After

A review of Claire And The Unicorn Happy Ever After by B. G. Hennessy

Published on March 1, 2006

Claire And The Unicorn Happy Ever After
B. G. Hennessy

Simon & Schuster

B.G. Hennessy’s Claire and the Unicorn Happy Ever After (Simon & Schuster) is a charming tale which explores the universal question of what constitutes a person’s contentment. The title character embarks on an imaginary journey with her toy unicorn to learn what makes various people and creatures happy. She discovers that happiness takes many forms: peace and quiet; a comfortable bed; or nice, juicy flies. Montreal artist Susan Mitchell illustrated the text with watercolours in which she incorporates small, clever touches that convey subtle humour. mRb

Carol-Ann Hoyte is the Quebec English-language regional coordinator for TD Canadian Children's Book Week and organizer of monthly mixers for Montreal anglophone children's book authors and illustrators.



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