Come on, Mom!

Come on, Mom! 75 Things for Mothers and Daughters to do Together
Published on April 1, 2008

Come On, Mom! 75 Things For Mothers And Daughters To Do Together
Cynthia Mcgregor

Lobster Press

Come On Mom! 75 Things for Mothers and Daughters to do Together by Cynthia McGregor suggests ideas for fun and easy activities. It emphasizes activities that foster creativity, self-expression, togetherness, love of nature, and the joy of moving and exploring. Activities that involve making things require inexpensive items or things commonly found in the home. While itis intended for girls, the majority of activities are not stereotypical or gender-specific. This book will give parents lots of ideas for fun and inexpensive games and crafts, and will also be useful for daycare workers and teachers, who will be ready the next time they hear, “I’m booooored!” mRb

Annie Murray is a Montreal librarian.



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