Doggie in the Window

By Carol-Ann Hoyte

A review of Doggie In The Window by Elaine Arsenault

Published on April 1, 2005

Doggie In The Window
Elaine Arsenault


Elaine Arsenault’s Doggie in the Window tells of a pet-store dog’s longing to be adopted by the seamstress next door. Inspired by her, Doggie also hopes to work as a seamstress some day. On the sly, the enterprising dog uses materials from her shop to create costumes which will make him stand out from the menagerie crowd. He believes that once the seamstress notices him, she will want to have him as her own.

Fanny’s vibrant and expressive illustrations accompany this tale of a canine unafraid to follow his dreams. This title was originally published in French as Le grand rêve de Passepoil. mRb

Carol-Ann Hoyte is the Quebec English-language regional coordinator for TD Canadian Children's Book Week and organizer of monthly mixers for Montreal anglophone children's book authors and illustrators.



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