Drive I-95: Exit By Exit Info, Maps, History And Trivia
Stan Posner and Sandra Phillips-posner


Quebecers flock to Florida every winter, and those who don’t fly generally take the I-95. Sandra Phillips-Posner and Stan Posner have created a book that has everything needed to make the journey. An “info-map” concept contains both the map and all the information on 30-mile-at-a-time pages, drawn for both the southward and northward journeys.

Restaurants, gas bars, hotels/motels, landmarks and the sights associated with each exit en route are given. For example, Exit 104 in Virginia has a Russel Stover chocolate outlet; on the other side of the highway is a coin laundry and a CB shop. If traffic or construction slows you down, alternative side roads are suggested. Gas stations show details about the services they offer, from auto mechanic, bank machines, to showers. Restaurants with a children’s play area are also indicated, as are pet-friendly motels. There are restaurant reviews, shopping, museums – in short, anything you need to make your trip enjoyable. There’s even a police car icon indicating places where they sometimes like to lurk.

The front flap is designed to act as a page marker, and the spiral binding allows the guide book to lie flat. One suggested use for this info-guide is for women travelling alone – and it certainly makes sense for anyone with children who wants to plan ahead. mRb