Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone: A Photo Narrative Of Black Heritage On Salt Spring Island
Evelyn C. White, Photographs By Joanne Bealy

Dancing Crow Press

In 1858, a group of Blacks left northern California by sea for a better life. They landed in British Columbia and settled on the island of Salt Spring off the north-east coast of Vancouver Island in 1859. To this day, most of the island’s denizens are descendents of this initial group of former slaves.

Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone: A Photo Narrative of Black Heritage on Salt Spring Island is not a history book about that group. Though the book initially covers the migration, it mostly describes and illustrates Salt Spring Island, the key people who have lived there and have helped create the community it is today.

Though Evelyn C. White’s prose is awkward at times, the book displays beautiful pictures – mostly portraits – by Montreal-born photographer Joanne Bealy. Reading Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone is like going through a neighbour’s family tree: interest wanes quickly, particularly when the origin of street names is explained. mRb