By Annie Murray

A review of Fakie by Tony Varrato

Published on April 1, 2008

Tony Varrato

Lobster Press

Alex Miller, protagonist of Fakie, is a poser and a guy with too many histories. But does he have a choice? Alex and his mom are forced to drop everything and move on a regular basis because they are part of a witness relocation program in the United States. Each time they move, they do so on a moment’s notice, taking only what they can grab before starting a new life somewhere else. They are being pursued by members of a terrorist organization responsible for the death of Alex’s father. Alex (whose real name is Danny) witnessed his father’s murder. Although the killer is behind bars, and despite help from an FBI agent who looks out for them, he and his mother aren’t safe. Varrato has written a well-paced short novel for teens, incorporating action, adventure, and intrigue, but also portraying victims who have been robbed of their sense of home. mRb

Annie Murray is a Montreal librarian.



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