Grand Chief Salamoo Cook Is Coming to Town!

By Phoebe Yì Líng

A review of Grand Chief Salamoo Cook Is Coming to Town! by Tomson Highway

Published on July 5, 2023

The exciting news of Grand Chief Salamoo Cook’s visit to Kisoos spreads quickly around town to every rabbit, big and small. Since he’s the Grand Chief of all the rabbits in the world, the townsrabbits are overjoyed, yet somewhat perplexed by the announcement of a mysterious contest to be held. 

Grand Chief Salamoo Cook Is Coming to Town!
Tomson Highway
Illustrated by Delphine Renon

The Secret Mountain

In this upbeat musical picture book written by composer, pianist, author, and playwright Tomson Highway, readers witness the unfolding of an unprecedented event in the history of Kisoos alongside the exuberant Weeskits, his friends, and fellow rabbits. Like any momentous occasion – even in a small town like Kisoos – opinions differ and tensions arise, making for an engaging read that opens a dialogue about conflict and authority, among other more subtle yet significant themes. To add to the richness of the story, nine songs are sprinkled throughout the book in Woods Cree (the author’s mother tongue), along with the lyrics translated into English. The glossary included also provides a fun, educational piece about the Cree language, which, despite being the most widely spoken Indigenous language in Canada, is still at risk of being lost.

Accompanied by the highly expressive illustrations by Delphine Renon, as captured on the face of every character, Grand Chief Salamoo Cook Is Coming to Town! is a story that stirs up emotions and moves the heart.mRb

Phoebe Yì Líng is a freelance writer, editor, and full-time explorer. She currently works with the Nunavik Inuit community as a Gladue writer and sometimes spends her time dabbling in experimental performance or marvelling at the complexities of intra/interpersonal communication.



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