Spring Fiction for Budding Bookworms

I See…My Mom/I See…My Dad and I See…My Sister/I See…My Cat
Published on April 1, 2001

I See…my Mom/i See…my Dad And I See…my Sister/i See…my Cat
Pierre Pratt

Annick Press

Sturdy back-to-back board books by award-winning Montreal illustrator and graphic designer Pierre Pratt are simply perfect! Toddlers can explore mom’s cheek, dad’s foot, sister’s bellybutton and the cat’s whiskers plus a whole slew of other body parts in I See…My Mom/I See…My Dad and I See…My Sister/I See…My Cat (Annick Press, $5.95 each, ages one to three). The bright colours and comic drawings are fun to look at. Here’s hoping Mr. Pratt is working on a third so brothers and dogs don’t feel left out of the family. mRb

Sarah Rosenfeld is a writer and associate editor for a travel and leisure magazine for Canadian physicians.



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