Max-a-Million: Max the Businessman

Max-a-Million: Max the Businessman

By Annie Murray

A review of Max-a-million: Max The Businessman by Trina Wiebe

Published on September 1, 2008

Max-a-million: Max The Businessman
Trina Wiebe

Lobster Press

Trina Wiebe’s series about Max the wannabe millionaire is just right for children just starting to read chapter books. In Max-a-Million: Max the Businessman, we find him once again trying to get rich. His friend Sid, the child of idealistic hippies, is somehow still game to help him out. As Max is trying to become a successful gardening entrepreneur, he stumbles across a mystery when an orchid meets a tragic end. Wiebe’s series encourages reluctant younger readers with funny and easy-to-follow stories tinged with slight mystery. (Ages 7-9) mRb

Annie Murray is a Montreal librarian.



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