Native Leaders Of Canada
Edited By Denis L Daigneault, Jean Chevrier, Jeanne Poulin

New Federation House

A few short pages of introduction set the stage for the fascinating mini-biographies that make up Native Leaders of Canada. In simple, evocative language the first encounters between Europeans and the indigenous peoples already inhabiting the “New World” are explored – encounters at first friendly, but later inimical as two world views collide.

The editors chose four leaders from the nineteenth century, with the rest from the twentieth, many of them contemporary men and women. They briefly explain the selection process: political involvement was one key element. Each biography begins with a photograph, has an original essay, and end with a list of the subject’s main achievements. Most of the modern subjects are national figures such as Matthew Coon Come, George Erasmus, Phil Fontaine, and Elijah Harper who changed history with an eagle feather. Others, like Max Gros-Louis, might be known to fewer Canadians. These accomplished men and women cover the gamut of occupations, from filmmaker to lawyer, and represent diverse groups of people. Native Leaders of Canada belongs in every school library in Canada.

Since there are far more people of outstanding achievement than could be portrayed in this slim volume, New Federation House has created a special web site featuring additional profiles of distinguished Aboriginal leaders at mRb