Quebec: A Land Of Contrasts
Chantal Ethier and Martine Provost

Les Editions de l'Homme

Once, in a bar in Copenhagen, feeling perhaps a little homesick, I got into a geography discussion with some friendly locals. Trying to impress on them a Canadian’s sense of scale, I utilized a handy atlas and began estimating how many times Denmark could fit inside Quebec. The count went to ten before I started feeling bad for the Danes. The point? That Quebec is continental in scope, and that to capture that scope in a book is a real feat. Marcoux, Ethier and Provost are up to the challenge. Aerial shots like those of the Saguenay fjords are breathtaking, while more familiar sights like Percé Rock and the streets of Montreal’s Plateau district are shown from fresh perspectives. Urban and rural both get their due, as do animals and sub-Arctic snowscapes. The accompanying essays are both informative and evocative. mRb