Raindrops, Glimpses, Moments: An Unconventional Memoir Of An Unplanned Journey
Len Richman

Llumina Press

Many self-published books are submitted to the mRb for review. Most of them are badly edited: not only are there mistakes in grammar and spelling, but the novels lack structure, or the dialogue needs work. Non-fiction books are generally better, but even here, authors who consider self-publishing should also strongly consider hiring a qualified professional editor. Hiring a professional designer for the cover is also a good option.

That being said, a recent self-published book stands out.

When health becomes precarious, and sand runs through the hourglass of time more swiftly, what are the things that really matter in one’s life?

Richman set himself this question, and answers with a memoir that meanders through memories of books loved and past journal entries revisited, with fond recollections of life-changing travels and people.

Montreal’s Thomas More Institute encourages learning through reading and discussion, and the author’s involvement with TMI pervades his thoughtful reminiscences. Raindrops, Glimpses, Moments is in no way the linear chronology of a life; Richman dips into the past, and looks at it in the light of the present.

This is an exercise in the examined life. mRb