Rainy Days with Bear

By Carol-Ann Hoyte

A review of Rainy Days With Bear by Maureen Hull

Published on April 1, 2004

Rainy Days With Bear
Maureen Hull

Lobster Press

In Rainy Days with Bear by Maureen Hull, Bear gets the blues when it rains every day for weeks on end. He suggests to his keeper that they go on a trip, but the keeper is busy working on a manuscript, and recommends that Bear travel via his imagination. Bear pretends to visit several places while using household items as props – for example, he bangs on pots and pans as he imagines himself playing steel drums in Trinidad. When Bear’s keeper finally finishes his book, it looks as if Bear might get his wish after all. Leanne Franson’s soft watercolour illustrations bring to life this tale of imagination and patience. mRb

Carol-Ann Hoyte is the Quebec English-language regional coordinator for TD Canadian Children's Book Week and organizer of monthly mixers for Montreal anglophone children's book authors and illustrators.



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