Roadsigns: Travel Tips To Higher Ground
Betty Healy

Creative Bound Press

All self-help books are not created equal – some expect heroics from ordinary people just trying to get through their day. Healy’s life guide has a gentle, nurturing tone and what she wants is for her readers to pay attention – to life’s journey, that is, and to the signs along the way. She is not impressed with busy-ness for its own sake: where other self-help books suggest using commuting time to listen to improving books-on-tape, she suggests (wait for it!) – silence. Healy also recommends taking a media cleanse once in a while, not starting one’s day with news, but instead with music. Instead of reading the whole newspaper, just read columns such as The Globe & Mail‘s “Lives Lived.”

Healy has a lot to say and when she imparts her views, it’s like listening to a good friend who has your best interests at heart. mRb