Sun Through the Blinds: Montreal Haiku Today

By Margaret Goldik

A review of Sun Through The Blinds: Montreal Haiku Today by Edited By Maxianne Berger and Angela Leuck

Published on April 1, 2004

Sun Through The Blinds: Montreal Haiku Today
Edited By Maxianne Berger and Angela Leuck

Shoreline Press

Sun Through the Blinds grew out of “Haiku at the Garden,” an annual two-day celebration of haiku held at the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

Haiku is a Japanese three-line poem of 17 syllables: here the definition is expanded to mean a poem that can be said in one breath. These haiku celebrate urban living as well as the traditional subjects of nature. There are translations from the French and the Japanese, poems by award-winning and established poets as well as novices, and a few tanka and duilian to add to the variety.

All in all, Sun Through the Blinds delights. mRb

Margaret Goldik is a former editor of the Montreal Review of Books.



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