Taproot III

By Margaret Goldik

A review of Taproot III by Edited By Brenda Hartwell Et Al

Published on April 1, 2005

Taproot III
Edited By Brenda Hartwell Et Al

Townshippers' Association

This is the third volume of “Poetry, Prose and Images from the Eastern Townships,” with all new material from old and new contributors. Clearly, the Townships have no shortage of talent. Everyone will have personal favourites in an anthology, so it seems less than fair to single out some for attention. Nevertheless, the ambiguous and haunting “An August Storm” by Sarah Dowling is a first-rate short story which leaves a lingering sense of disquiet. “More than Enough” by N. O. Skedaddler is totally different but equally fine. It is the story of an elderly couple who want their children to come home for Christmas, and its dénouement is very satisfying. Tony De Melo’s artwork from “Ada’s Diary” is exceptional; the reader is given a taste of his exhibition which will be presented at Bishop’s University Art Gallery this spring. There isn’t a bad piece in the whole anthology. Roll on, Volume Four! The book is available at the Double Hook and Nicholas Hoare in Montreal, and can be ordered from the Townshippers’ Association at 1-866-566-5717. mRb

Margaret Goldik is a former editor of the Montreal Review of Books.



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