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That Damn Voice Again: Communications from Beyond

By Margaret Goldik

A review of That Damn Voice Again: Communications From Beyond by Tanya Tkach

Published on December 1, 2005

That Damn Voice Again: Communications From Beyond
Tanya Tkach

Visionaire Publications

In this slim volume Tkach relates the events in her life that made her rediscover a lost talent – speaking with spirits.

After university, Tkach set off for Europe for a few years, then went to the U.S. to get a degree in social work. She worked with troubled youth there but always kept a home in Quebec, where her mother, sister, and husband lived. Her mother’s death was particularly difficult for Tkach, as the two had a tumultuous relationship. The death triggered something, and Tkach heard her mother speak to her. Because of this contact, the slow and painful process of forgiveness began. In a short period of time she then lost her sister to a brain tumour and her partner to cancer. Tkach had to move back to Quebec permanently to deal with Summi’s and Wally’s estates, and to come to terms with all her losses.

Tkach has had conversations with her mother, Summi, and Wally, and with her spirit guides. She has learned that all is not all it seems in this world. Spirit guides and speaking with the dead are as old as civilization – the examples of Dante’s guide Virgil, Quebec’s Lieutenant Governor and a former Prime Minister consulting their deceased relatives, and Saul raising the spirit of Samuel spring to mind – but it does take courage to write about this subject in this century

And one thought kept going through this reader’s mind: the guides are telling us nothing new. All the teachers from Christ to Buddha have given us the same messages. So Tkach gives us her take on revolutionary change from within, and hopes that we can learn from her experiences.

Margaret Goldik is a former editor of the Montreal Review of Books.



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