The Archaeolojesters

The Archeolojesters

By Andrea Belcham

A review of The Archeolojesters by Andreas Oertel

Published on February 1, 2010

The Archeolojesters
Andreas Oertel

Lobster Press

Preteens with a fondness for Indiana Jones will be entertained and educated by Andreas Oertel’s The Archaeolojesters, which brings Ancient Egypt to small-town Manitoba. Twelve-year-old Cody’s summer prospects are literally drying up before his eyes: because of a recent drought, his hometown’s tourist industry has gone belly up, and his best friend Eric will have to move if his mother can’t find work. With the help of Eric’s sister, the boys fabricate an Egyptian tablet and embed it in the local landscape, hoping its discovery will revitalize Sultana’s economy. Cody wonders what they’ve gotten themselves into when a CNN truck pulls up at the town diner, and a shady man starts following the trio. Oertel keeps the action moving while sprinkling the text with fascinating details about hieroglyphs and their ancient scribes. The book ends with a teaser that promises further adventures for the young pranksters. mRb

Andrea Belcham lives in Saint-Lazare, where many of her best neighbours are trees.



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