The Genie In The Bottle

A review of The Genie In The Bottle by Joe Schwarcz

Published on April 1, 2001

The Genie In The Bottle
Joe Schwarcz

ECW Press

Dr. Joe Schwarcz of McGill, magician, scientist, radio, television and newspaper contributor, follows his Radar, Hula Hoops and Playful Pigs with “64 new commentaries on the fascinating chemistry of everyday life.” Dr. Schwarcz brings his breezy style and lively curiosity to chemistry in some very surprising places. And we learn some surprising things – did you kow that we use the term “guinea pig” because of Lavoisier’s experiments involving that mammal? (He only checked its breathing.) Dr. Schwarcz is folksy, opinionated and funny. He tackles the quotidian, from health (“Wondering about Wort”) to what he calls “silly stuff” (“pHooey to pHake Health Claims”). The Genie in the Bottle is an entertaining and enlightening look at the world around us. mRb

Margaret Goldik is a former editor of the Montreal Review of Books.



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