The Novalis Guide To Canadian Shrines
Leonard St. John


Pilgrimage, considered a quaint medieval custom in the last century, seems to be making a comeback. Perhaps there are more spiritual seekers in this secular world. Perhaps transportation has just made it easier for people to visit these sites devoted to saints and holy people. Or perhaps people never really stopped being pilgrims.

Readers may be surprised to see how many shrines exist across the country, and how many of them are in urban areas. This book was written for pilgrims and armchair travellers; its main appeal will be for those who wish to make a pilgrimage and need information about opening hours and special feast days. The shrines, grottos, and churches are divided by province, and each entry has information about the shrine and its history, its hours and its accoutrements of food and lodging, and places in the area worth a visit. There is a helpful bibliography and glossary. mRb