The (practical) Guide To Finding The (right) Finance Job In Canada
David Price

Redlader Publishing

If you are a student, are job hunting, and understand the meaning of IPO, EBITDA and LTM, then this is the book for you. The underlying message of Price’s guide is that the financial world is not a monolith, but has enough nooks and crannies to attract a wide variety of temperaments.

Price’s background in investment banking and merchant banking, among other things, and his less-than-reverent attitude towards the industry (his first quote is from Monty Python’s Money Song: “There is nothing quite as wonderful as money”) come together to give a realistic picture of various finance jobs. Different jobs appeal to different types of individuals: to be an equity analyst, for example, one should have a “thick skin coated with Teflon.” Investment bankers thrive on competition, long hours, and a sense of mission. And traders enjoy high stress and a fast-paced work life.

Profiles of two or more people are given for each type of career, usually junior and senior professionals. They talk about the day-to-day aspect of their work, the rewards, the downside, and the type of personality that fits the job. Then lists of potential employers are included.

There is also practical advice which could be given to any job hunter in any industry: remember the names of your interviewers; have a card with your name and coordinates; be willing to network. Some advice is oriented strictly to the financial world, including some tips on learning Excel – and why you should.

For anyone thinking about a job in finance, this is a must-have. Although Price insists that his guide is just a starting point, it will clarify various aspects of the financial world. mRb