The Wrong Move

The Wrong Move

A review of The Wrong Move by Sheila Kindellan-sheehan

Published on November 1, 2007

The Wrong Move
Sheila Kindellan-sheehan


Kindellan-Sheehan’s thrillers featuring Caitlin Donovan and her friend Carmen have previously been set in Miami and Montreal, but now the action moves to Toronto. The Wrong Move focuses on ex-Montrealers John and JoAnn Ternahan, an upwardly mobile couple on the corporate fast track. When Ternahan drives his babysitter home and she doesn’t arrive there, Ternahan comes under suspicion.

JoAnn asks her friends Caitlin and Carmen to come and stay as support. The lives of the other families that the babysitter worked for come under police scrutiny, and Ternahan’s workaholic ways mirror the homicide detective’s unravelling family life. Kindellan-Sheehan introduces her trademark comic relief with the unlikely antics of a toy boy who just doesn’t get it.

This is a good solid detective fiction read, with lively characters and plot twists galore. mRb

Margaret Goldik is a former editor of the Montreal Review of Books.



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