We Would Pretend

Published on November 1, 2022

Written by André Marois, We Would Pretend is a story that evokes nostalgia for the old-fashioned fun characteristic of days gone by. Fuelled by just the power of their imagination, two brave and bright-eyed friends head out on an expedition with just one purpose: to be young, wild, and free! From the moment we crack open the front cover, this action-packed book overflows with excitement.

We Would Pretend
André Marois
Illustrated by Gérard DuBois

Milky Way Picture Books

Following the young explorers, it doesn’t take long for them to transform into heroes after defeating the terrible king of Pumpkins, only to crown themselves later as king and queen. Using their superpowers to teleport to Mars, there’s not a moment to catch our breath as they come face to face with a wicked space creature. With every turn of the page, it’s hard not to relish the playful innocence of the story’s protagonists. A key element in capturing this feeling is the book’s art illustration by Gérard DuBois: the pixelation effect and his use of deep, boldly outlined monochromatic colours creates a fantastic sense of wonder.

Alongside these two likable companions, who “value freedom above all else,” readers will hardly tire from the thrill, and will be left anticipating the beginning of the next adventure.mRb

Phoebe Yī Lìng is a freelance writer, editor, and full-time explorer. She currently works with the Nunavik Inuit community as a Gladue writer and sometimes spends her time dabbling in experimental performance or marvelling at the complexities of intra/interpersonal communication.



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