Where did Momo’s Hair Go?

Where did Momo’s Hair Go?

A review of Where Did Momo's Hair Go? by Stéphanie Boyer

Published on November 1, 2023

Where Did Momo’s Hair Go?
Stéphanie Boyer
Translated by Carine Laforest
Illustrated by Caroline Hamel

CrackBoom! Books

Give an adult a baby to hold, and chances are high that they will break into a game of Peekaboo. The rules are simple: baby and adult gaze into each other’s eyes and then – poof! – the loving adult looks away to the baby’s shock and dismay until – whew – eye contact is reestablished and all is well. Oh, and of course one must say, “Peekaboo!”  

In Where Did Momo’s Hair Go?, by Stéphanie Boyer, Momo the clown’s hair is playing a game of intermediate Peekaboo with a cast of canines, to the great amusement of the toddler crowd. 

In the few pages he appears, Momo gives off working-class-clown vibes. This guy is in a hurry to get to his next gig, and he’s late for the bus too. He’s hustling so fast that his hair takes a leap onto Ms. Strudel’s Poodle and then onto Mr. Bastien’s Dalmatian. In this busy world, it’s not enough to vaguely resemble your dog, your name better rhyme with it too.        

The jaunty illustrations by Caroline Hamel convey the happy chaos that reigns in Momo’s portside town. And while there are no great plot twists, one can be rest assured of a happy outcome for poor Momo – just as in the game of Peekaboo.mRb

Meaghan Thurston is a Montreal-based arts and science writer, co-editor of the anthology With the World to Choose From: Seven Decades of the Beatty Lecture at McGill University, and mother to two budding readers.



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