Poem of the Month
The Tundra at last

By Joséphine Bacon

Published on June 7, 2017
The Tundra at last
Resound my heart
Your music, the river
Your light, the stars
Your carpet, the lichen’s tender green
I cannot y but you bear me in your arms
Your vision goes beyond time
This night I have no more pain
The city beguiles me no more
Natuta nit
Ship nikamuat
Utshekatakuat tshuashtenamakuat
Tshitakushkaten uapitsheushkamiku
Tshipapamipanin tshishikut
Tshititutein anite tshe nikan-tshissenitaman
Uetakussiti apu kassenitaman
Ninakaten utenau


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