Anita Anand

Anita Anand is the author of Swing in the House and Other Stories. Her translation of the novel Nirliit by Juliana Léveillé-Trudel will be out in 2018. She is currently working on a new book of fiction.

Reviews by Anita Anand:

November 3, 2017
Dr. Bethune’s Children doesn’t always read like fiction, given the many similarities between the narrator and the author. Like the narrator, Xue grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution, and was shaped by the ideals of the period. In particular, his imagination was captured by the legend of Bethune.
July 7, 2017
In the beginning, secrets were solicited through Web ads and in public places around Québec City. These became a series of monologues performed in a park called Chaque automne j’ai envie de mourir. This project turned into a book of short stories of the same name by Véronique Côté and Steve Gagnon. The latest iteration, I Never Talk About It, is an experiment in translation that sets out to explore the marks translators leave on a text.