Non-Fiction at a Glance

Minority Report

On September 22–23, 2011, a segment of Quebec’s Eng- lish-language arts community gathered for the second State of the Arts Summit organized by ELAN (the English-Language Arts Network). Its purpose? To determine what the community can do over the next few years to survive, grow, and flourish.

By Mélanie Grondin

The Origin of a Person

In his recent book, Alvin R. Mahrer, Professor Emeritus at the University of Ottawa, explains his distinctive approach to the analysis of personality, which he calls the “experiential approach.”

By Prosenjit Dey Chaudhury

Eeyou Istchee

Louise Abbott - writer, photographer, and filmmaker - has devoted most of her career to documenting the history ...

By Carol Katz

Hear, O Israel

Hear, O Israel is David Solway’s letter to the world and his laundry list of ways in which the world’s ...

By Mélanie Grondin

The Love Queen of Malabar

The Love Queen of Malabar is a biography of the later years of celebrated poet and writer Kamala Das and a ...

By Vanessa Bonneau

Paths of Opportunity

This genealogical study of the lives of John and Bridget Callaghan, Irish immigrants to Montreal and the author's ...


Native Leaders of Canada

A few short pages of introduction set the stage for the fascinating mini-biographies that make up Native ...

By Margaret Goldik

Fabled City: The Jews of Montreal

Fabled City chronicles 250 years of the Jewish community's growth in Montreal, beginning in the 1760s, when ...

By Andrea Belcham