• The Ghost Garden

    Be warned: reading The Ghost Garden may change you. Susan Doherty, a petite woman with shining blue eyes and a ready smile, is doing big, radical things in the field of mental health – the kinds of things that might inspire you to pitch in and help. At the very least, the book risks challenging misconceptions you may hold about schizophrenia.

  • The Dishwasher

    Set in the belly of a high-end Montreal restaurant at the turn of the millennium, the novel is narrated by an unwitting nineteen-year-oldi plongeur who has just started his first job in a professional kitchen. Larue’s prose is expertly infused with the sights, smells, and exhausting physical labour of the job.

  • The Pineapples of Wrath

    Readers make good detectives. Reading always involves finding clues and solving riddles. The detective-protagonist of Cathon’s graphic novel The Pineapples of Wrath is a bibliophile named Marie-Plum Porter … In this tongue-in-cheek black comedy, reading is a matter of life or death.

  • I Am a Body of Land

    The poems in I Am a Body of Land are tangled up in their considerations of home, identity, and memory, as well as with constructs of memorial, community, and trauma. To utter what one is and is not, for these speakers, is crucial to their existence…

From the current issue: Summer 2019

Billy Mavreas is a multidisciplinary artist-writer who operates Monastiraki, an art space in Mile End, Montréal.
Cartoon by Billy Mavreas
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The Last Surviving Sea Silk Seamstress

1 God said, Let there be byssus, and out sprouted the first blond trees of Sorrento. We sun our hair with lemon juice like bewitched algae on the rocks, a golden embroidery on the sea’s harried lip. Attached to Virgil’s olive branch was a meaty clump of seaweed the same swollen hue as our nipples […]

"The Last Surviving Sea Silk Seamstress" is taken from the book All Day I Dream About Sirens, published by Coach House Books. Read our review