• Sabrina

    The second graphic novel by young Chicago artist Nick Drnaso, Sabrina, dissects the parallel dimension created by these real-world lies and conspiracies, using it as the backdrop for a story about young people reeling from a tragic act of violence.

  • Beirut Hellfire Society

    A simple image served as the starting point for Montreal-based author Rawi Hage’s fourth novel, Beirut Hellfire Society. On a balmy morning in early September, he describes that image to me over coffee at a busy café in Mile End. “Someone standing on a balcony above the road to the cemetery. Simple.”

  • The Knockoff Eclipse

    What is happening now, here, to us? The question recurs throughout Melissa Bull’s first collection of short fiction, The Knockoff Eclipse, which could double as an index of quotidian humiliations and indignities. The answer, it seems, requires that we learn to recognize and name injustice where and when it occurs.

  • Punching and Kicking

    It doesn’t take long for the reader to learn a little something about Kathy Dobson. In the first pages of her memoir Punching and Kicking: Leaving Canada’s Toughest Neighbourhood, she makes it clear that she’s not afraid to hold a grudge.

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There is no Montrealer better qualified to talk about the city’s zine scene than Rastelli. On top of having published a successful collective zine called Fish Piss in the ’90s, he is the executive director of ARCMTL, the non-profit that runs the annual zine extravaganza Expozine, maintains Distroboto, the city’s network of zine dispensers, and […]

Pierre-Antoine Robitaille is an illustrator and silk screen artist based in Montreal. He loves to take complex, hard-to-pin-down ideas and turn them into eye-catching images that pack a punch. You can see more of his work at p-a-r.ca and instagram.com/pa_robitaille/
Cartoon by Pierre-Antoine Robitaille
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From “Pink, Curved Thing”

We are not as elegant as marble But we are trying Living our fantasies together In public parks The erection of wildflowers Laps space between us Orange flowers and cherry lip balm She drinks whipped cream Through a pink straw I touch her affectionately in public And it is dangerous Men approach us frequently Wanting […]

"From “Pink, Curved Thing”" is taken from the book Ambient Technology, published by Metatron Press. Read our review