• Inside Elise Gravel’s Mighty Imagination

    As a child, Gravel thought she would be either a teacher or a rock ’n’ roll star. Now all grown up, she’s become one of the most successful author-illustrators of kids’ books in Quebec, part of a vibrant scene that includes such stars as Marie-Louise Gay and Mélanie Watt.

  • Almost Summer 3

    The release of the English translation of this volume follows on the heels of the first two, published in 2017. The Almost Summer series is the work of comic artist Sophie Bédard, who, at the age of nineteen, did the unimaginable. Just a year after graduating from CEGEP, she published not one but two volumes of the now popular French-language series Glorieux printemps, which went on to be nominated for the Bédélys and Bédéis Causa awards, two prominent prizes for Quebec comic artists.

  • Lear’s Shadow

    Sometimes things need to fall apart in order to come together. At least that seems true for Beatrice Rose (Bea), the heroine of Claire Holden Rothman’s third novel, Lear’s Shadow. As Bea pulls herself from the wreckage of a messy breakup and cares for her ailing father, readers are invited to contemplate the underside of social masks.

  • Ekke

    The eight long poems in Ekke have breadth and a sharp, essayistic curiosity. They’re aesthetically slippery, translating what we might traditionally understand as confessional, lyric, and L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry into something new and yet strangely familiar. Ekke enacts a multiplicity of the self (as citizen, body, object, imagination, “I,” etc.) as it coexists with sound, language, translation, and art.

From the current issue: Summer 2018



When we talk about what happened at Concordia, we talk about abuse of power within an institution meant to empower; violence against students’ bodies and minds; and physical and emotional abuse. We talk about non-consensual acts done through coercion, manipulation, and the promise of opening the doors to one’s career. We talk about the hierarchy […]

Ariana Sauder is a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer whose work focuses on bodies and faces navigating the natural/imagined world. arianasauder.com @arianasauder
Cartoon by Ariana Sauder
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No Exit

I love your world, he said, just keep it to yourself —I love your mouth. In a Star Wars-themed fever dream ….I saw him lassoed by a solar flare and held there in a warmth I couldn’t provide. Blue light ….clicked as I woke, wishing caffeine came easy as a boy of twenty. ….Think these […]

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