• Accordéon

    Kaie Kellough’s Accordéon is a smart experimental novel with a timely message about culture and diversity in the city of Montreal.

  • Arabic for Beginners

    Arabic for Beginners, a shape-shifting fictional narrative by Ariela Freedman, is a nuanced and penetrating exploration of life in Israel today.

  • Tumbleweed

    In Tumbleweed, Josip Novakovich is equipped with a deep writer’s arsenal – a sharp eye for the telling detail, a subtly rhythmic prose style, and deadpan humour.

  • In on the Great Joke

    “Right words sound wrong,” Laura Broadbent opens in her latest book, In on the Great Joke. Borrowing Lao Tzu’s words, Broadbent explores this “wrongness” of language, its limits, mistranslations, and shortcomings.

From the current issue: Spring 2017


Lisa Czech is a Montreal illustrator and the creator of the comic Punk Village.

Cartoon by Lisa Czech
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Poem of the Month

Tabagie Arsenault, 1920–1972

Arsenault’s Tobacco Magazines Novelties is closing: everyone has locked arms and is dancing. The Arsenaults have given away flags, trinkets, greeting cards from the ’40s. Everyone dances so that the floor shakes like the floor of a boat while musicians huddle in a corner, hardly noticing the audience, and young men shouldering film cameras as […]

"Tabagie Arsenault, 1920–1972" is taken from the book Borrowed Days, published by Comorant Books. Read our review